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Manu Wai

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The ferry Manu Wai, launched in 1964, owned by Kerridge Odeon Corp but chartered by the Waiheke shipping company, was used on the Waiheke run intermittently and without much success, her inadequate size and her being prone to mechanical problems limiting her usability.

Vessel Name: MANU WAI

Vessel ID: 516040080

Vessel Type: Hydrofoil

Owner: Kerridge Odeon Tourist Services later sold to North Shore Ferries, currently running regular tourist trips in Sydney up to Broken Bay

Built in Italy by Leopoldo Rodriquez Shipyard, this vessel is over 70 feet long, with beam of 16 feet over the deck and 24 feet over the foils. Gross tonnage is 60 tons. The vessel was constructed of an aluminum alloy hull with steel foils.

The Manu Wai at Matiatia wharf 1965
The Manu Wai on Sydney Harbour