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Paul Monin

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Born 1945. Paul Monin is a Waiheke academic and historian with degrees from both Canterbury University and McMaster University. He and his family moved from Burma to New Zealand in 1945. He has a special interest in imperialism.

Paul has also been a teacher, at schools in both Melbourne and Auckland. Since the late 1980s he has been researching and writing history books and papers. In 1992 Waiheke Island: A History, his first book, brought him a high commendation in the JM Sherrard Award in New Zealand Regional History. In 2004 another book, This is My Place: Hauraki Contested 1769-1875, published in 2001, scored him major prize in the awards.

His other work and interests include historical journalism (a series of localised pieces on places on Waiheke was published in Gulf News) and New Zealand's role in Italy in World War II.