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Blackpool is a small settlement on the southern coast. The beach is popular with kayakers and for Windsurfing.

Blackpool was originally called Brown Bay, after the Brown family that occupied the area.

Blackpool is also the home to a few community living houses. These houses share their resources and financial costs as well as encourage fun, creative thinking, and cultural exchange.

Blackpool is home to the Piritahi_Marae as well as the wreck of the scow Rahiri

The Esplanade

A collection of Waiheke community groups is calling for The Esplanade between Blackpool and Surfdale to be made safe for walkers, horse riders and cyclists by closing it to vehicle traffic.

Community Board member Eileen Evans, who is leading the call, says, “People are telling me they want to see a true esplanade - a place where everybody can walk or ride along the waterfront, safely and in peace. At the moment it’s a racetrack, a wasted opportunity that no family in their right mind would want to use”.

“The road would still be there, virtually unchanged. It would still be available in an emergency, simply by removing a few lockable bollards. We’ve spoken to the Waiheke Police and they have said that they would be happy with this arrangement”.


An online survey was set up to enable Waihekeans to have their say on the future of The Esplanade.

502 people took the survey before it closed on 10 March 2009.

When asked "Which option would you prefer for The Esplanade?", the 491 people who responded chose:

Is closed to vehicles except in emergencies 75.6% (371 respondents)

It is left as is (Vehicles both ways) 12.6% (62 respondents)

It is made one way to vehicles 11.8% (58 respondents)

Groups in favour of closing The Esplanade to vehicles include:

Waiheke Pony Club, Waiheke Adult Riding Club, Cycle Action Waiheke, Waiheke Playgroup, Walkways on Waiheke, Waiheke Health Trust, Waiheke Island Tourism, Dog Owners Group (D.O.G.).

Eileen is asking for other community groups to let her know their views. She can be contacted on 09 372 2377 or at

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