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Community Garden

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This garden was established in September 2005, after a conversation between James Samuel and Dave Ashley, the owner of Waiheke Couriers and the property where the garden was established. Kato Kauwhata, the chairman of Piritahi Marae, was invited, and accepted, to bless the project, and since then many people have maintained it and enjoyed its fruits (and vegetables).


The property is very close to the site of the Ostend Market. It is accessible from either Belgium St, (Behind Gulf Sound and Vision) or 30 Putiki Rd - behind the Vets on Waiheke Surgery

Organisers say they expect many more such gardens to spring up in the near future, once the Waiheke Sharing Backyards google map is established in the same manner as this one from Vancouver.


It's a way to share knowledge and skills. With the arrival of Peak Oil local food production will become more and more important.

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to participate. This is not organised in the manner of the English allotments, where you assume responsibility for a designated piece of the land and only you can harvest from it. In this community garden, people contribute time and energy as they are moved and able, and receive from the abundance of the garden similarly.

Food is often taken from the garden to share via The Food Exchange Stall at the Ostend Saturday market.

Events include regular working bees, and information about these can be obtained by emailing James