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Onetangi Beach

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Onetangi Beach

A long, north-facing ocean beach, Onetangi is said by Google Earth (TM), if you include the nudie bit at the far western end, to be 1.87km long, along the high water mark.

Said to be the site of a great battle in pre-European days, Onetangi is often translated as Weeping Sands.

Praised for its beauty by most users, it is listed by local authorities as having one of the worst erosion problems and some of the cleanest water in the Auckland region.

For many years it has been the site of the celebrated Onetangi Beach Races. In 2008 the Beach Races were held on Waitangi Day.

Onetangi Beach - A popular summer destination.
Onetangi Beach with the wharf 1920s.
A sunny day.
Onetangi Beach from the air.
Onetangi from Belle Terrace.