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Enclosure Bay

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Enclosure Bay, situated between Oneroa and Palm Beach on the northern side of Waiheke Island is unique as its protected by two reef systems from the northerlies, not open to the sea as are most other bays on this side of the island. This leads to a very safe place for children to swim a natural swimming pool that gets flushed twice a day.

One Waihekepedia editor's story: "Enclosure Bay is slightly off the beaten track.. as a kid the bus would drop us off right outside our door, now we get to walk down the hill from Popes corner. We used to traverse the climb every day for milk etc when the shop was there. Now we jump in the car and pop over to the supermarket.

"Our family has a long connection with Enclosure Bay.. the fifth generation now enjoys it. My Great Grand mother Dorothy Nugent bought property there back in the 20s when the second colonization of the island by colonial types happened.

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Early photo of Enclosure Bay taken 1920s
Photo of Enclosure Bay taken late 50s
And Enclosure Bay 2005
Enclosure Bay is at the bottom of this aerial photo taken around 1920, part of the advertising to sell land at that time
Maybe the first ever video of Enclosure Bay taken in 1957
Google maps, Enclosure Bay
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