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Add Media Extensions to your Waihekepedia Content

YouTube Videos

In your content simply add <youtube> v </youtube> to the page you are editing. Change the v to the YouTube video ID and save - easy!

Where do I find the video ID?

Go to any YouTube Video - the URL will look something like this:

The bold bit is the video ID

MP3 Files

Simply upload the files to this wiki and reference them like any media file


To embed a map in a page you will need to know the co-ordinates of the location you wish to display.

Google Maps can be used to find coordinates. Find the place you require coordinates for, and double click on it to centre the map around that point. Then click the "link to this page" link, and the coordinates (in degrees and parts of a degree in decimals) appear in the address bar, eg ",-2.605047&spn=0.032304,0.069523". In this case the latitude is 51.455558, and the longitude is -2.605047.

In your content add the following template macro

{{map|lat=51.455558|lon=-2.605047|zoom=5|width=800|height=600|title=Map Title}}

Zoom can be any number between 1 and 17 - 17 being the most zoomed in

Set width and height to suit you page. Please set the Category of the page to "Maps" See Maps Category for more map examples with options like choosing the satellite or hybrid mode or even showing lines and points.

RSS Feeds

Af of 2017-09 the Rss Extension has been disabled. Please contact User:Wolfgang_Fahl if you need it.