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Faye Storer

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Faye Storer played a central role in island politics for 15 years. She was elected to the Waiheke Community Board in 1992 and then in 1998 was elected Hauraki Gulf city councillor, a seat she held for three consecutive three-year terms, following Sandra Lee, Gordon Hodson and Greg Davenport in the role. She is also past-chairman of the Auckland Region Community Boards Association.

Ms Storer's terms in local government saw her lead a successful fight to prevent Te Toki Reserve becoming the island's sportsfields. After much malcontent over facilities in the sporting community, a 400-strong march on the council offices had Auckland City turning to Te Toki as a solution. But instead the reserve was eventually granted scenic status and its lush wetland borders, adjacent to the [[Okahuiti Estuary, were declared of scientific importance. Later Auckland City would buy land at the foot of Rangihoua to create the Onetangi Sports Park.

She also was a driving force in the establishment of an island-wide network of walkways on Waiheke.

Another signficant event in her political career was the dispute over the Ostend Domain. When the community board, led by Bruce Bisset, made moves to relocate the Waiheke Sports Club, the club fought the proposal vehemently. The often-bitter conflict went as far as the High Court and the Waitangi Tribunal.

Faye Storer was defeated by Denise Roche in the 2007 election by just 11 votes.

She completed a master's degree in social policy at Massey University.