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Herbal Health Waiheke

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Herbal Health Waiheke is an organisation specialising in herbal medicine, naturopathy, nutrition, homoeopathy and natural health animal care. Comprehensive initial consultations are available at the Waiheke Chiropractic Health Clinic or at The Herbal Health Centre in Kingsland [1].

Helen Elscot

Helen Elscot ND, MNZAMH has been a qualified medical herbalist, naturopath, homoeopath, nutritionist, and iridologist for the past ten years and is a member of The New Zealand Association of Medical Herbalists [2]. As a consulting health practitioner, Helen uses her experience and expertise to help families and individuals improve their health and wellbeing by using foods and natural medicines.

Helen enjoys treating infants, children and adults.

She specialises in:

  • Eczema and allergies
  • Digestive problems
  • Immune support
  • Insomnia
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Weight loss and detox
  • Chronic and acute conditions


Helen graduated from the Perth Academy of Natural Therapies with an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy in 2001 and was presented with the National Herbalists Association of Australia's [3] award for outstanding herbal medicine clinical practise. She ran her own practise in Denmark, Western Australia, for four years before moving to Waiheke Island in 2005.

As a yoga teacher, Helen's 2001 study on the effects of yoga practise on hope and optimism in women residing in maximum security prisons formed the basis of her dissertation, "The effect of yoga on hope and optimism" and is widely referred to as one of a handful of qualitative studies executed worldwide.

Helen went on to work and study under Ricki Anderhuber, one of the pioneers of herbal medicine in Australia at the South Perth Naturopathic Clinic [4]. It was here she cultivated her passion for herbal medicine, the protection of endangered species and the use of alternatives in a sustainable practise.

As part of her ongoing commitment to research and continuing education, Helen participated in the American Botanical Councils' research expedition in 2004, held in conjunction with the Amazon Centre for Environmental Education and Research, to Peru, South America studying botanical medicine and indigenous knowledge from the Amazon and Andes.

Helen's research led to publications in the Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine [5], "From plant to pill: A review of intellectual property rights, patent law and biodiversity", and "Botanical medicine of Peru: Pharmacy in the rain forest".

Helen is also a food and health writer who has had regular columns in the Sunday Star-Times and is currently the health columnist for The Gulf News [6] on Waiheke Island. She is an experienced lecturer in health sciences and an engaging public speaker.


A naturopathic consultation with Helen is built around listening to an individual's health story. During an initial one-hour consultation, an in-depth case history is taken, including detailed medical, diet and exercise history, as well as lifestyle and occupational habits to gain a holistic appraisal of a person's health. At its conclusion, a treatment plan, which may include herbal medicine, homoeopathy or nutrition, is recommended and discussed. It's important to note that plans must reflect the person's goals, abilities, and limitations. One size does not fit all!

Follow-up consultations gauging the changes in a person's health concerns generally last thirty minutes. Their frequency is dependent on each individual case although, generally, Helen likes to see new patients fortnightly.

Contact information

Unit 3/118 Oceanview Road
Pendragon Mall (next to The Lucky Pig)
Waiheke Island
Mon & Tues By Appointment
Wed, Thu, Fri 9am - 5pm
Saturday By Appointment
Clinic (09) 372 8102
After Hours (09) 372 2844
Mobile (021)544 419