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Iris Moana

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For many years the Iris Moana was a familiar presence in the life of Waiheke Islanders, tracking back and forth as a ferry between Auckland and Waiheke.

The Iris Moana was originally a Fairmile B motor launch of the New Zealand Navy. She was constructed in Auckland during the second world war for about £35,000. She was named HMNZ ML409 and served in the Solomon Islands. In 1947 she was sold to a private buyer. In 1953 the navy repurchased her and she was recommissioned as HMNZS Maori (P3570).

In 1963 the navy sold her again, and she became the Auckland-Waiheke ferry Iris Moana.

Wooden Fairmile

Built 1943

Length 107'

Breadth 18'6

Depth 6'8

Gross Tons 147

Powered by 2 sets Gardner Diesels

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