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Kennedy Point Reserve

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Running off Kennedy Point Rd the Kennedy Point Reserve runs down to the sea and contains a stand of large and old pohutukawa trees. Waiheke Island, like Great Barrier, is possum free so pohutukawa have flourished.

A track runs from Kennedy Point Road through the reserve to Takirau Bay. One of Waiheke's few west-facing beaches, this is a great place to stop, swim and picnic in late afternoon as the sun starts to set.

At present the experience of the reserve is pretty much limited to this single damp track from road to beach, but the reserve itself stretches around the point to the left and right through to Esslin Reserve to the right. At the headland to the right (when looking to sea) is a large Pa site with a double set of fortification ditches.

A new track leading across the cliff top to the far end of the beach is scheduled for completion this year. There will also be another track leading directly from Kennedy Point Road.