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Kennedys Bay

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Kennedys Bay, now usually referred to as Kennedy Point, has a rich history, having been a site for steamer landings, ship constructon and day excursions. Dunesslin, Waiheke’s grandest settler house was built here. It was finally demolished in the 1950s. Captain John Brown Kennedy arrived on Waiheke and bought 4500 acres of land from Henry Niccol in 1883, including what we now know as Ostend, Palm Beach, Onetangi and most of Surfdale. The Kennedy farm was called Esslin, which means "under the hill", and of course gave us Esslin Road.

Kennedy serves as postmaster for Putiki Bay and had his fine home built.

His grandson, Jack Kennedy, finally sold the farm in 1973 but kept a small holding with a 1940s homestead.

Island historian Paul Monin calls it the island's "best kept historical secret".