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Otakawhe Bay

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Otakawhe Bay looking east at sundown
Otakawhe Bay and Lodge

Otakawhe Bay forms the very south-eastern tip of Waiheke and is south of the wharf at Orapiu. Otakawhe Bay is in the Te Matuku Marine Reserve meaning that whilst recreational activities are allowed, disturbances to marine life such as fishing is not permitted. The bay faces the Tamaki Strait and looks south in the direction of Kawakawa Bay. The southern end of Ponui Island, Pakahi Island and Passage Rock can be seen from the beach. A large yellow pole and marker light on the eastern tip of the bay indicate the edge of the marine reserve.

The only road access to Otakawhe Bay is via Nepean Avenue. It can also be reached by walking track from Orapiu Wharf. This track continues on to Pearl Bay. The beach is pebbly and is largely covered at high tide.

There are around 35 dwellings and 25 privately owned moorings in the bay. The most significant building is Otakawhe Lodge which is situated at the western end of the bay. The lodge was originally a holiday home for the Burt Family but was used for some years by the Auckland Hospital Board as a rehabilitation residence. The lodge is now available as accommodation for schools and other groups for recreational and educational use.

During 2008 and 2009, some disputes arose over encroachment of fence lines on to Nepean Avenue. These disputes have been extensively covered in the local press.