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Waiheke Fun Map

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From the 1950s Waiheke Fun Maps Posters have been sold on the Island. See The Story of Waiheke and the Waiheke FunMap for details.

Two examples are on display at the Waiheke Island Historic Village

A very good quality copy of the 1952 version is available at:

The 1952 fun map by Wrathall and Ingham seems to be by:

  • Bill Wrathall (1931-1995) drew several cartoon strips before becoming Truth's political cartoonist in 1976. He continued in that role until retiring in 1991.
  • or Wrathall, Stopford G?
  • Gordon Ingham Gordon F. Ingram author of 1952 book about Waiheke Island

According to New Zealand Copyright law the direct publication of a copy of the poster with out the permisson of the authors here is only allowed 70 years after the death of the original authors, so you might need to wait at least until 2065 or find out where the heirs of Wrathall and Ingham live. We'd kindly ask them for the right of publication then.