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About Waihekepedia

Waihekepedia's Naomi Grinter, Charles Graves (centre) and Bruce Davis-Goff

Waihekepedia, the very site you are on, was established in August, 2007 as an online repository for verifiable information about all things Waiheke. Using the same contributory software as the more famous wikipedia, Waihekepediawas the brainchild of islanders Charles and Nikki Graves before being developed by a group of commuters who sit at the same (often noisy) table on the 7.20am ferry to Auckland.

Steve Keate uploaded and installed the MediaWiki software on to Openmynd server running Plesk. Bruce Davis-Goff fine tuned the MediaWiki software and Naomi Grinter created the logo. Editorial direction comes from Greg Treadwell. We see ourselves as being guardians of this project. We are also on the lookout for admins to help us police and maintain the neutrality of Waihekepedia.

We hope you enjoy this as much as we have creating it and watching it grow.

Waihekepedia in the media


Listen to Greg Treadwell from Waihekepedia interviewed by Chris Walker on Beach Radio

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Waihekepedia Revival

Wolfgang Fahl had been on Waiheke Island during his sabbatical from October 2008 to January 2009. During that time he had helped bringing Waihekepedia over the 500 article limit. In October 2014 he offered to revive Waihekepedia after he had learned that the original domains and were offline. Since 2014-10-07 is accessible again.