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Waihekepedia Tutorial/Editing basics

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Tutorial.png Editing Basics 

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With the exception of a few protected pages, almost every page on Waihekepedia can be edited.

You cannot however edit a page without a valid user account.

How do I know the difference?

Every page that is editable will have a link along the top of the main content area that says "edit". Pages that are locked for editing will be substituted with a "View source" tab.

Where are the edit links

You will find the main edit link as a page tab, above the content area of a page. On pages that have headings and subheadings, you will also find an "[edit]" link next to the heading to edit that particular subsection of the page. The edit links let you do exactly that: edit an entire page or single section within a page.

This page has three edit links. Can you find them?

You will find the main edit link between the "discussion" and "history" tabs above and one next to each subheading.

Editing is a unique feature of wikis. Wiki's enable people to edit web pages right from within the web page itself. In this tutorial we will look at the most basic steps required to begin editing pages on the wiki and make our first edit to a special page called the User page.