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Artworks : Location address: 2 Korora Rd Oneroa

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Artworks Waiheke Island is a community arts and cultural centre in Oneroa, developed from what was once a Mitre 10 timber outlet owned by Tony Pope. It was bought by Auckland City Council in 2003 for $2 million. The Mitre 10 branch was moved to Ostend and subsequently changed to a Placemakers store.

Artworks over the years has served as a great community asset and arts and cultural hub.

Among its facilities are the Waiheke Library, the Waiheke Community Art Gallery, the Waiheke Community Cinema, Artworks Theatre, Waiheke Radio, Ajadz Indian restaurant, Tanya Batt's Once Upon an Island Story Centre, the office of the Waste Resource Trust, the Waiheke Visitor Information Centre and Whittaker's Musical Experience.

In November 2008 a draft strategic plan for the site was released with the vision proposed to be:

"an arts and cultural centre that serves the local community and reflects Waiheke Island's unique identity, by providing a place for the exchange of ideas and community participation in a range of activities".

The plan sets out five strategic objectives:

  • continuing to develop Artworks as an arts and cultural centre that reflects, and is supported by the local community
  • supporting the local community by providing opportunities for their participation in arts and cultural activities
  • attracting visitors through arts and cultural activities
  • recognising and promoting Artworks as part of council's network of facilities and venues
  • maximising opportunities for integration between Artworks and the new Waiheke community library.

The draft will become final mid 2009 where action points and development plans will be implemented.

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