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Judy Voullaire

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Judy Voullaire was an active figure in island politics for many years. With her husband, the late Mac MacArthur, she lived for many years at Waikopu Bay. She was a member of the Waiheke Community Board for more than one term, along with, among others, Sandra Lee, and was an influential figure in the board led by chairman Bruce Bisset and which included city councillor Faye Storer.

Her colourful, often front-foot, style of politics both won and lost her friends. In 1999 she, along with other members of the community board, became embroiled in a long stand-off with the Waiheke Sports Club, which they wanted to move from the Ostend Domain.

She and Mac covenanted a strip of land - Mac's Track - that assured public access to Waikopu Bay.

Judy Voullaire left the island in the early to mid-2000s (?) and moved to a lifestyle property west of Auckland.