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tank&PUMP are an improvisational rock band started by Bede Taylor formerly of Clench and Three Legged Horse. They got their name from the Tank & Pump shop on Tahi Road in Ostend where they practice.

Unlike the fairly straight-forward rock basics of Clench, tank&PUMP display much more sophisticated musicianship and a flair for improvisational experimentation not found in the 3 minute Clench repertoire. Many of their songs are extended jams that may go on for several minutes.

On Friday the 4th of December 2009 tank&PUMP (all 7 of them!) came into the Waiheke Radio studio to do a live set on Rock on the Rock. The result was a fantastic improvised grungy rock'n'roll extravaganza. You can listen or download this show here:

or a higher quality bitrate is available on

tank&PUMP lineup: miles Gillet (drums), jet Power (electric guitar), jules Silk (saxophone), nikki Ngatai (vocals, tamborine, bucket), kevin Glamuzina (semi acoustic guitar), mike Bassman (bass guitar), bede Taylor (vocals, electric guitar noize)