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Welcome to Waihekepedia!

Waihekepedia aims to be a knowledge repository for all things about Waiheke Island. Waihekepedia is an encyclopedia about Waiheke and will continue to grow as more people contribute articles and photos. So far we have 610 articles. Check out the Help page to see how you can edit any page right now.




600th article posted

Waihekepedia as of 2021-10 has 610 articles about all things to do with the island. Why not add your own local knowledge or help restoring lost content?

The island blog roll

From the straight talking to the not-so-straight talking - here is a list of links to Blogs by islanders. Add your blog today!


Add your piece of island trivia here.


Click here for this week's weather forecast for the island! And Waiheke_Weather here you can check out exactly what the weather is doing in Onetangi right now.


Click here for an interactive map of Waiheke.

Ferry timetables

Passenger Ferry Timetable

Vehicular/Passenger Ferry Timetable




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Contributing to Waihekepedia is free and open to anyone. To start contributing all you need is a valid email address. If you find the process daunting and have stories, photos, information or anything you would like to share then email it to

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How Do I Add Stuff?

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Getting Started with Waihekepedia

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Where Can I Try Stuff Out?

Go and have a play in our sandbox, there's examples to help you learn and it doesn't matter if you make a mess.

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